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Ali MacGraw - Coterie

Ali MacGraw lauches a collaboration with Butter Shoes. All photos by Jenna Bascom.

Before rising to fame in her 1970's hit movie Love Story, Ali MacGraw worked in fashion at Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. You might say her career has come full circle, as she is back in fashion, launching a collaboration with footwear brand, Butter for spring/summer 2020.  Last week, at FOOTWEAR @ COTERIE, MacGraw sat down with FN’s women’s editor Nikara Johns to talk shoes and style. Here are five things we learned from the starlet.

1) Everyone has to start somewhere.
MacGraw’s first job out of college was at Harper's Bazaar making $54 a week. “I’m sure you’ve all seen The Devil Wears Prada. Well, I was the Anne Hathaway part, but not dressed like that because we couldn’t borrow from the closet. And not driven around in black cars; we had to run to Bloomingdale's to get the stuff that we were looking for. And it was fabulous," she recalls. 

2) Ballet flats never go out of style. 
MacGraw’s been wearing silver ballet slippers for 50 years and swears that she can’t live without them. “The first time I noticed how cool they were was when I saw pictures of Audrey Hepburn when she did her first movie. And she had on skinny pants with real ballet slippers...We’re making a vegan pair [with Butter], and I can’t wait," she exclaims.

3) Age is only a number.
“I get really sad when I see someone my age who is totally freaked out by being 80. If you’re lucky to be a healthy 80-year-old, then you must go out there and live. And live the best you can,” she says.

4)  It's cool to mix vintage with new. 
“I love vintage clothing," shares MacGraw. "If you’re lucky, it’s brilliantly made of incredible fabric. But my favorite designers right now are The Row. I have a closet full of The Row.”

5) Embrace your personal style.
“Style is a big deal to me," she says. "Fashion isn’t. And there’s a really big difference...And I think we're lucky now, because for the first time since I can remember, there is no 'look.' I look all around and everybody is put together differently and I love it.”

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Article posted 10/29/19



Ali MacGraw - Amica Italy Feature "Star Look"


The timeless style of Ali MacGraw - yesterday and today

The film that made her famous, the iconic looks and the style secrets

If there is one thing that characterizes Ali MacGraw's style, besides her raven hair with parting in the middle, it is her timeless charm . Which allowed the American actress to immediately become a fashion icon and to continue being one for life. Today like yesterday, a source of inspiration for those who love dresses with a boho-chic charm and a 70s mood . With the peculiar touch of a truly skillful use of accessories.


Ali MacGraw - Style Feature for Amica Italy

Success with Love Story

Ali MacGraw became world famous thanks to her poignant portrayal of Jennifer Cavalleri in the 1970 film Love Story. A strong-willed Italian-American student who falls in love with a boy from a good family (played by  Ryan O'Neal), in the Harvard university scenario. It is the beginning of a great love story. And of suffering, following the discovery of her illness. But it wasn't just a well-written plot that reached the hearts of the general public. Jennifer's wardrobe is also one of the most iconic in the world of cinema. In perfect preppy style. A look made of  vests and pleated skirts, maxi scarves and knitted caps, turtlenecks, A-line dresses and flared trousers . Traits that will become representative of the actress's way of dressing even in real life, mixed with her own bohemian taste.

The Boho Chic Style

There have been occasions when she has succumbed to the allure of classic evening dresses or rigorous men's suits . But the favorite style of Ali MacGraw  and that most struck the collective imagination is the boho chic one . Made of fluid dresses in velvet or with ethnic-inspired prints , kaftans , cardigans , flared trousers and high boots . His real ace in the hole, however, is the ability to play strategically with accessories that can tell a story or strongly capture attention. Large flowers pinned in her hair, crochet hats , exotic jewelry , large earrings . And still scarves tied around the neck or around the head and imaginative belts . Nothing is left to chance in every look. While maintaining that relaxed and casual air.

The Legendary Clothes

Some of the dresses chosen for Ali MacGraw 's gala evenings have become very famous. Like the long dress with a feather bolero  worn at the film premiere of The Godfather in New York in 1972, in the company of her then husband  Robert Evans . Or the  sequin sheath dress worn at a gala evening in 1974, complete with a  maxi flower pinned in her hair. Even cooler to watch on Ali next to her second husband, actor  Steve McQueen . But it's not hard to understand MacGraw's familiarity with fashion. In addition to having worked as a model , in the 60s she was also an assistant to the legendary oneDiana Vreeland in Harper's Bazaar . And he went on, afterwards, both to pose for  Vogue and to assist fashion photographers.

Elegant At Any Age

In recent years, the great passion for yoga and the commitment to humanitarian and animal welfare causes have emphasized even more the boho side of Ali MacGraw. Which continues to carry on its style with consistency and peculiarity. Even when it grants forays into different territories. Like at the 2002 post-Oscar Vanity Fair party, when she showed off a fabulous ensemble with a white shirt and black maxi skirt. Or at the Chanel Cruise 2020 collection show , with the classic little black jacket in tweed and contrasting trousers.


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